Even In My Craziest Dreams, My Husband Is Still The One I End Up With

I tend to have some pretty crazy dreams, and they’ve only become crazier since I got married. I have no explanation for this except that I have a wild subconscious. In my most recent crazy dream, I lived some ridiculous crossover between a Hallmark movie and Back to the Future.

The dream began with me lying around in one of those random parking lots off of Glenwood Ave in Raleigh. Suddenly, I saw one of my ex-boyfriends walking across the parking lot, and of course he saw me. He approached me and we started talking. He began spilling about his current relationship and baby mama drama, and then started trying to make out with me. As the happily married woman I am, I pulled away immediately, informed him that I’m married, and left. Unfortunately, I was somehow unable to find my car keys (not realistic at all, in real life I’m completely Type A and I never lose stuff), so I began walking down Glenwood.

The dream fast forwarded to me entering a small shop and suddenly being transported back in time to the 1980’s in that very same part of Raleigh. My dreams tend to skip steps like a poorly made movie, so the next scene involved me hanging out at an arcade in Raleigh in the 80’s. I had no idea how to handle this bizarre scenario, but then I saw him. It was my husband, looking just like he looked last time I saw him in 2018, and I hoped it wasn’t just a look alike.

I struck up a conversation with him, and we connected all over again. As my fucked up dreams go, the scene skipped next to us dating once again, and somehow we both remembered being together in another time. The last thing I remember before I woke up was being in bed together and trying to figure out how to get back to our own time without losing each other again. I also remember that I was anxious to get back to modern times because I missed my iPhone terribly.

I don’t often have time travel dreams, but I liked this dream because it means that my husband is literally my dream man, and I refuse to cheat on him or be with anyone else, even in my wildest dreams. Not everyone gets that lucky. Also, my exes can all go fuck themselves. And iPhones are awesome.

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