Hurricane Michael Scott Is About To Make Us All Really Wet

That’s what she said!

Here we go again in the midst of hurricane season in the Carolinas. It hasn’t even been a month since Florence devastated much of North and South Carolina. Many areas are still rebuilding and the ground is still completely saturated from all the rain that storm brought us. Yet, here comes Michael.

Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida panhandle today as a Category 4 storm and he’s already carving a path of destruction with strong winds and rain. Here in Central North Carolina, schools are closing and we’re preparing for more heavy rain and strong winds that could be similar to what we experienced recently with Florence.

My husband is a native North Carolinian, so he remembers all of the major hurricanes that hit in the last 30 years. I am not. My first major hurricane was Matthew back in 2016, when I literally was without power for the better part of a week. We got lucky enough to maintain power throughout Florence and I’m hoping we get lucky this time too. Duke Energy has outages sometimes if a slight breeze blows the wrong way, so fingers crossed.

My thoughts are with everyone in the panhandle area today as they’re in danger. I’m an atheist so I don’t pray, but I hope you all have your emergency kits and evacuation plans ready. Also, PLEASE don’t abandon your pets or I will have to personally come kick your ass.

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