Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits

I’ve got 99 problems, and my apartment complex is responsible for at least 97 of them. I’m a dog mom of two and I also work from home. Because I live in an apartment, this means anytime something breaks and maintenance has to come in, it fucks up my entire day. I have to stash the dogs in separate rooms and hope no doors get broken as they anxiously try to break free. Meanwhile, I’m trying to function and get some work done while being constantly distracted by barking and the general discomfort of having strange dudes working in my home (not fun for someone with anxiety who doesn’t trust men and watches a lot of SVU).

Earlier this week, we got a lot of rain here in North Carolina and woke up to a nightmare involving water leaking in and soaking the carpet. If you’ve ever walked on wet carpet, you know it’s not an enjoyable sensation. Ever since then, either the complex’s maintenance guy or the carpet cleaning guys they contract have been here every single day. My husband isn’t home during the day (not as lucky as I am as far as working from home) so it’s all on me to situate the fur kids when maintenance calls and still try to work while I anxiously wait for them to finish and leave. Talk about irritating, the issues never end with this place. For what we pay in rent, it shouldn’t be too much to ask to have an apartment that keeps the fucking rain out and has a reliable dishwasher and garbage disposal.

They’re finally gone again…for now. I guess we’ll see if I can work in peace the rest of the day or if I’m interrupted again. Miles and Crackers are eager to get out and sniff every inch of the apartment, and they’re getting treats so they know they weren’t in trouble.

We absolutely need to get a house next year, no question. I’m dreaming of the day I can let my fur kids loose in our very own fenced yard, even though it means I’ll be fixing the broken shit myself as a homeowner. Until then, I’m going to need a lot of wine to continue dealing with this shitty apartment. I mean, please come see my great apartment…and bring lots of wine.

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