8 Things I’ll Never Be “Too Old” To Do

I'm less than a week away from my 35th birthday, and it's a little nerve-wracking because I always thought 35 sounded old. When you're 35 and up, a lot of people think they can start setting rules about things you're now supposedly too old to do. Well, I won't be following any of those rules… Continue reading 8 Things I’ll Never Be “Too Old” To Do

Valentines Day ❤️

It's the holiday that single people love to hate. Back when I was single, I had an idea for the ultimate Valentines Day bundle for singles: it would contain a large pizza, a box of wine, a box of chocolates, and a punching bag that can be customized with a picture of your ex's face… Continue reading Valentines Day ❤️

Steak Night!! 🥩

We're going to steak night! We're gonna eat it right! Steak is such a treat! It is the world's best meat! Much like Turk and JD on the (awesomely hilarious) show Scrubs, I love steak night. I could never be a vegan because steak is just way too delicious. I don't go out to steak… Continue reading Steak Night!! 🥩

3-Year Dating Anniversary

Even though we're married now, my husband and I like to celebrate all of our anniversaries because they're all significant to us. Today is January 29, and it's officially been three years since the day we transitioned our friendship into a romantic relationship. The year was 2016, and I had just returned to town from… Continue reading 3-Year Dating Anniversary

My Official Review Of Ruth’s Chris Steak House: The Proletariat Successfully Infiltrated The Bourgeois

As I wrote about a couple days ago, I had a business dinner tonight at Ruth's Chris Steak House. I've never been there before, but the partners of the company I'm contracting for wanted to go there and they were paying, so I agreed. If I had to pay for myself, I would've insisted on… Continue reading My Official Review Of Ruth’s Chris Steak House: The Proletariat Successfully Infiltrated The Bourgeois

The Calm Before The Storm

After a long week of trying to stay caught up with my many jobs while also preparing for Hurricane Florence, here I am waiting to see how bad it will be. I’m not originally from North Carolina, so I was pretty oblivious to the dangers hurricanes can bring to inland areas when I first moved… Continue reading The Calm Before The Storm

Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits

I’ve got 99 problems, and my apartment complex is responsible for at least 97 of them. I’m a dog mom of two and I also work from home. Because I live in an apartment, this means anytime something breaks and maintenance has to come in, it fucks up my entire day. I have to stash… Continue reading Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits