Marriage: The Cold War (Literally)

The adjustment to living with my husband after years of living in delightful solitude was smoother than I thought it would be, especially since we didn’t live together until after we were married. I haven’t had to deal with giant anxiety-inducing piles of clutter, the expectation that chores are “women’s work,” or visitors/in laws popping… Continue reading Marriage: The Cold War (Literally)

Dog Mom Life: I Have A Standing Lunch Date With My Dogs Every Day

It was a magical new world when I transitioned from commuting to an office every day to working from home as an independent contractor. The perks are obvious. I get to set my own hours, save a ton of money on gas, take vacation days whenever I want, and I haven’t dressed up in business… Continue reading Dog Mom Life: I Have A Standing Lunch Date With My Dogs Every Day

Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits

I’ve got 99 problems, and my apartment complex is responsible for at least 97 of them. I’m a dog mom of two and I also work from home. Because I live in an apartment, this means anytime something breaks and maintenance has to come in, it fucks up my entire day. I have to stash… Continue reading Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits