Anna’s “Amazon” Reviews Of Random Shit: Hurricanes

👩🏻 Anna Y. September 5, 2019 ⭐️ Did Not Order And Don't Want! I did not place any orders for this product; it was sent to me as a bonus gift when I ordered my "life in North Carolina." At first, I didn't know anything about hurricanes, being from the Midwest and all. I looked… Continue reading Anna’s “Amazon” Reviews Of Random Shit: Hurricanes

North Carolina: Raise Up!

Take yo shirt off, twist it around your hand, spin it like a helicopter! I was born and raised in Ohio and I had never even visited North Carolina when Petey Pablo released his infamous song. I first set foot in beautiful North Carolina in 2012 when I flew to Raleigh and met up with… Continue reading North Carolina: Raise Up!

Hurricane Michael Scott Is About To Make Us All Really Wet

That's what she said! Here we go again in the midst of hurricane season in the Carolinas. It hasn't even been a month since Florence devastated much of North and South Carolina. Many areas are still rebuilding and the ground is still completely saturated from all the rain that storm brought us. Yet, here comes… Continue reading Hurricane Michael Scott Is About To Make Us All Really Wet

Florence: The Aftermath

So Hurricane Florence has passed finally and the Carolinas are about to start drying up, rebuilding, and naturally wondering what fresh challenges Mother Nature has for us next. Even though Florence weakened to a category 1 and then to a tropical storm, she left a trail of flooding and destruction throughout the Carolinas. The death… Continue reading Florence: The Aftermath

Hurricane Florence And The Machine: Time To Shake It Off

I never saw much hurricane activity in the first 29 years of my life because I lived in NE Ohio. If there was a hurricane along the coast, I might have seen an extra rainstorm but nothing really to worry about. I moved to North Carolina nearly 6 years ago and now that’s all changed.… Continue reading Hurricane Florence And The Machine: Time To Shake It Off

Crackers, Rainy Days, And Finger Painting

I love the rain and always have. There’s something inherently soothing about listening to rain and going out for a walk when it’s coming down, as long as it’s not pouring so hard you’ll get drenched in a couple minutes. When I was a much younger girl (about 7-8 from my vague recollection), I loved… Continue reading Crackers, Rainy Days, And Finger Painting

Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits

I’ve got 99 problems, and my apartment complex is responsible for at least 97 of them. I’m a dog mom of two and I also work from home. Because I live in an apartment, this means anytime something breaks and maintenance has to come in, it fucks up my entire day. I have to stash… Continue reading Dog Mom Problems: The Scourge of Maintenance Visits