Pools, Happiness, and What it Means to Really Live

It’s been a rough year for me, which is one of the reasons I haven’t blogged as much. I really tried to power through and find something positive to write about or even say, but one of my primary faults is that I’m too damn honest, and I can’t even lie to myself.

After losing basically an entire year of the prime of my life just sleepwalking across my computer screen with nothing but work and escapism to occupy my time, I’ve had enough. I’m fucking done living like this. Society (at least where I live) isn’t allowing any forms of fun or joy anymore and it’s not even worth it to go out, so I decided it was time to invest in creating my own oasis right here on my land now that it’s almost summer!

Pools have always been one of my favorite things in the world. My parents bought one when I was 10 and I loved it. I still have pictures of young me carrying our Pekingese puppy around the pool. My childhood friend and I had a cabbage patch doll wedding in that pool. Since I moved out on my own, I’ve never had my own pool. I lived in an apartment complex that had one, but it was shared with others and usually full of screaming children and/or creepy dudes hitting on me. Hard pass unless it’s empty. That experience is not fun or full of joy.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those cheap pool kits ever since we bought the house, but I wasn’t really motivated to spend the money until my home became the only place I can have fun. An expensive real pool isn’t an option for us because we’re not Rockefellers, but I was able to find a small affordable pool kit that snapped together easily and fits in our little yard. I’m thinking of it as a starter pool to see how I feel about the upkeep when considering spending real dough for the real deal in the future.

So far, it’s totally worth it. It’s big enough to splash around, get some sun, and drink beer while the pups run around and wonder why we’re so enthused by it. Seriously, my dogs hate water and will probably never be seen swimming. That’s cool with me because I don’t want them damaging my pool with their nails. Win win! They’re happier sunbathing and digging holes.

If you’ve also had a rough year and need a pick-me-up that isn’t coming from this doom-loving society, consider what affordable life upgrade(s) might help you transform your home into the oasis of fun you so desperately need. You deserve to enjoy your life. Also, turn off/unfollow the damn news. I recently unfollowed all of the major news outlets, and it was like having a weight lifted off of my chest. Living in fear 24/7 isn’t healthy, and neither is hiding inside away from the sunshine and fresh air that help your immune system keep you healthy naturally.

Folks, living isn’t just about being physically alive. Really, actually LIVING is so much more than that; it’s about happiness and quality of life. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re an asshole for not hiding in your basement for the rest of time. There’s a term for that: it’s called agoraphobia, and it’s a mental illness, not a virtue. In the famous words of Andy Dufresne, it’s time to get busy living or get busy dying. I, personally, choose to live. Merely being alive is not acceptable to me. If this offends anyone or people don’t like me anymore, I really don’t give a fuck. I’m done living under a 24/7 raincloud, and if society wants nothing to do with me anymore because I refuse to live in a state of constant gloom and doom, that’s fine. I’ll be outside in my pool soaking up the sunshine, breathing fresh air, thinking for myself, and planning my next pursuit of happiness.

If you’re also sick of the gloom and doom and ready to get back to smiling, living, laughing and having fun, talk to me in the comments! What are you doing to bring happiness and joy back to your life? I’d love to know that I’m not alone.

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