Anxiety Doesn’t Listen To Reason

I've had anxiety my whole life and it's a bitch. I don't know if it was brought on by anything specific such as being bullied to the point of trying to take my own life as a kid or growing up as the black sheep in a very religious household where I didn't belong, or… Continue reading Anxiety Doesn’t Listen To Reason

St. Patrick’s Day, Mountain Views And Hot Tubs ☘️🏔

I've been away from my blog much of this week due to being busy as fuck working and...drumroll please...doing all kinds of paperwork to get us approved for our new house! Yep, we found our house and we are officially under contract and approved to buy it! It's a new construction 3 bedroom/2 bath home… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day, Mountain Views And Hot Tubs ☘️🏔

HGTV Does NOT Accurately Depict The Stress Of First-Time Homebuyers

I haven't had as much time to blog lately because I'm up to my eyeballs in work projects and my husband and I are simultaneously navigating the torrential first-time home buyer process. It's exciting for sure, but it feels like I have at least two full time jobs and we're going to have to literally… Continue reading HGTV Does NOT Accurately Depict The Stress Of First-Time Homebuyers

House Hunters NC: The Super Low Budget Version

It all starts today. After spending the last year or so saving every penny we could and planning our escape from the viciousness of renting, we're about to start looking at houses again. It's not going to be an easy task because the city we live in is very expensive, and our maximum budget will… Continue reading House Hunters NC: The Super Low Budget Version

North Carolina: Raise Up!

Take yo shirt off, twist it around your hand, spin it like a helicopter! I was born and raised in Ohio and I had never even visited North Carolina when Petey Pablo released his infamous song. I first set foot in beautiful North Carolina in 2012 when I flew to Raleigh and met up with… Continue reading North Carolina: Raise Up!

The Beast: Hardcore Sacrifices To Accomplish Home Ownership

My husband and I got married last year, and it’s been amazing. I’ve always heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but my experience has been anything but that. In fact, I’m having a much easier time being married than I did being single. Like I’ve mentioned before, we really hate our… Continue reading The Beast: Hardcore Sacrifices To Accomplish Home Ownership