Birthday Weekend: Bellini, Beer, Basketball, And Ballin’!!!!

So yesterday was my 35th birthday, and the hubby and I made one hell of a weekend out of it. After all, I'm officially old enough to run for President now! That's not just any ordinary birthday! To start off the festivities, we went to Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine for dinner on Saturday. It's a… Continue reading Birthday Weekend: Bellini, Beer, Basketball, And Ballin’!!!!

Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

If you're a vegan who's offended by other people enjoying meat topped with yet more delicious meat, now is the time to stop reading. This post is all about meat, specifically the glorious king of all meats: bacon!!! You've been warned. I found out earlier today via Facebook that it happens to be National Bacon… Continue reading Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

Vacation In Ohio!

Here I am in my home state of Ohio! It's just as cold and gray as I remember, and I still love it. People are simpler here; they're not as pretentious as the wealthy suburbanites in Cary who all buy the same cookie cutter house for $400k and drive the same $80k luxury SUV in… Continue reading Vacation In Ohio!

Thanksgiving Baking Adventures: Booze-Infused Pies

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! I like Thanksgiving because it's a holiday centered around two of my favorite things: food and family. This year, I'm thankful for the fact that I don't have to attempt to make an entire turkey dinner in my ridiculously tiny kitchen. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible. My husband and… Continue reading Thanksgiving Baking Adventures: Booze-Infused Pies

The Beast: Hardcore Sacrifices To Accomplish Home Ownership

My husband and I got married last year, and it’s been amazing. I’ve always heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but my experience has been anything but that. In fact, I’m having a much easier time being married than I did being single. Like I’ve mentioned before, we really hate our… Continue reading The Beast: Hardcore Sacrifices To Accomplish Home Ownership

Cleveland: No One Likes Us And We Don’t Care

I was born and raised in NE Ohio, and it will always be home to me, no matter where I live. I’m not going to bother to drop the name of the town because nobody’s heard of it. Also, does it really count as a town if it consists of one roundabout (zero actual traffic… Continue reading Cleveland: No One Likes Us And We Don’t Care