Food Review: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Good afternoon readers! I would like to introduce a very special guest blogger today, contributing his first post to Musings of a Dog Mom! Drumroll please…it’s my husband, Mr. Yonkaholic himself!


Like most people, I enjoy a good pizza.

I’m not a ninja, a turtle, or even a ninja turtle (although I’ll wear an orange bandana over my eyes and pretend to know how to use nun chucks occasionally), but I do have a soft spot for this Italian culinary creation (that soft spot is my gut).

Which is why I was quite beside myself when I learned that there was a Hungry Howie’s Pizza that delivered to Boo-Thang (my wife/Musings of a Dog Mom creator) and I’s apartment in Cary.

Oh, and what a treat it was.

When it comes to food reviews, pizza joints automatically get 2/4 stars, because, well…


You would have to smear feces on top of a pizza in order to earn a sub-2 star rating.

Well, that or onions.

So, Hungry Howiiiiiiie’s…

Let’s start with the crust, which hovers between wet cardboard and Communion wafer.

Due to a generous amount of ranch seasoning, it has a zing that might bring more people to Mass if only the same seasoning was used during Communion (Pope Francis, take note).

The pepperoni is exactly as it should be; thin and round (similar to Boo-Thang’s ex-boyfriend’s manhood, so I’ve been told), sitting atop a warm, slightly- browned layer of mozzarella.

Below the mozzarella lurks a tangy, delectable tomato sauce (no white pizza from Howie’s, because they don’t market in negativity) that Strega Nona would be envious of.

What really makes Howie’s work is the price. It’s cheaper than Domino’s but not Little Caesar’s Hot ‘n’ Ready cheap, where the crust tastes like dry cardboard rather than wet cardboard. You certainly don’t need to make six figures in order to enjoy it.

All in all, while it may not hail directly from the old country, when it comes to pizza you can do much worse than Hungry Howie’s.

Rating: ***

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