Yonkaholic Cooks Buffalow Frawg Legs

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome another guest post from my amazing and handsome husband, Mr. Yonkaholic himself 😁 ------------ Boo-Thang doesn't share my enthusiasm for Frog legs. That's okay, because this is MY guest post 🐸. I don't share my wife's flair for culinary escapades, but occasionally I'll throw down in someone's kitchen. My latest… Continue reading Yonkaholic Cooks Buffalow Frawg Legs

Food Review: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Good afternoon readers! I would like to introduce a very special guest blogger today, contributing his first post to Musings of a Dog Mom! Drumroll please...it's my husband, Mr. Yonkaholic himself! --------------------------------------------------------------- Like most people, I enjoy a good pizza. I'm not a ninja, a turtle, or even a ninja turtle (although I'll wear an… Continue reading Food Review: Hungry Howie’s Pizza