Anna’s “Amazon” Reviews Of Random Shit: Hurricanes

👩🏻 Anna Y.

September 5, 2019

⭐️ Did Not Order And Don’t Want!

I did not place any orders for this product; it was sent to me as a bonus gift when I ordered my “life in North Carolina.” At first, I didn’t know anything about hurricanes, being from the Midwest and all. I looked at the box labeled Matthew and thought “Big deal, I don’t live on the coast.” Then, Matthew dumped a lot of rain on me and my power went out for three days. I was not a happy camper and I called customer service to complain. Basically, they told me that everyone wants the sunshine, blue skies, beautiful beaches and mountains of North Carolina, and the product comes with all of those, but it also comes with the occasional hurricane and there was nothing they could do about it. Over the years I’ve been here, hurricanes keep popping up on my doorstep under different aliases…Florence, Michael, Dorian…when will they stop? I don’t want these!! Every time I see another one, I sigh and trudge to the nearest madhouse of a supermarket to get emergency supplies in case of flooding requiring evacuation or prolonged power outages. Currently, I’m sitting in my office watching the downpour of rain thanks to Dorian, and hoping the power stays on. If you’re considering the “life in North Carolina” product I purchased, please be aware of the “bonus gift” hurricanes and the “no returns” policy on those savage hurricanes.

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