Duck Donuts And The Best Donut Ever: Maple Bacon!

The first time I ever had Duck Donuts, it was one of the first times I visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina years ago. I’d had plenty of donuts in my life, but this place blew all other donut places out of the water. They make the donuts to order and serve them warm and fresh: no display cases full of half-day-old cold donuts. One donut caught my eye immediately and I had to try it: a maple glazed donut topped with crispy bacon! How do you make any food better? Put bacon on it, clearly!

A Duck Donuts opened up here in Cary a few years ago, but I try not to go there too often because I really don’t want to end up in an episode of My 600-lb Life on TLC. Sometimes though, a girl just needs a donut. I had been craving a donut for a couple days and I happened to mention it to my husband last night. As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is Catholic, so he goes to mass every Sunday morning while I enjoy sleeping in with my little Rat Terrier Crackers cuddled up next to me. When I got up today, he said there was a surprise for me in the fridge. It’s a maple bacon donut!!! Am I the luckiest wife ever or what?! I’ll list that as a perk of having a religious spouse who goes out on Sunday mornings anyway.

When bringing these donuts home, I advise warming them up in the microwave for about 10 seconds to regain that warm melty sensation like they’re served in the store.

This donut made my entire day. From the warm fresh dough to the melty sweet maple glaze to the thick crisp fresh bacon on top, it’s just a great big circle of awesomeness topped with more awesomeness. If you have a Duck Donuts near you (I know they’ve expanded into Ohio but I’m not sure about other areas. You can look up locations on their website.), I highly recommend trying it!

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