Weekend Brunch and The Accomplishment Of A Pretty Omelet!

I like breakfast food, but I hate mornings and I’m never hungry that early, so I usually only have breakfast food on the weekends for brunch. Like most foods, I prefer to cook it at home so I can use special cheese I can actually eat and save a ton of money.

Most people would call these delicious fried potato chunks home fries, but I call them fried potatoes because that’s what my mom called them when she would make weekend brunch when I was a kid. Unfortunately, she would also completely ruin them (like most other foods) by putting tons of onions in them. To give you an idea of how much I hate onions, here’s a short list of things I’d rather do than eat onions:

  1. Go to a fire-and-brimstone anti-LGBTQ Baptist church service. Enough said.
  2. Spend the day hanging out with my shitty abusive ex-boyfriend
  3. Listen to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on repeat for 4 hours (any longer than that would verge on suicide)
  4. Watch Jersey Shore reruns for 24 hours straight
  5. Get a butterfly tramp stamp

You get the idea. I really really hate onions. So, when I make my delicious fried potatoes, I absolutely do not put onions in them.

Omelets can be a challenge to make because I’m not usually very good at keeping them in one piece when flipping the egg. Today, I did it!! I managed to flip the egg all in one piece and make the prettiest omelet I’ve ever made, full of lactose-free pepperjack and cheddar cheese and topped with more shredded cheddar.

So happy brunch and happy weekend!

What’s your favorite brunch food, and, more importantly, what’s your position on the pure evil that is the onion? No bias here clearly. 😉😂

4 thoughts on “Weekend Brunch and The Accomplishment Of A Pretty Omelet!”

  1. I’m pretty sure my mother traumatized me into hating onions by putting way too many of them in everything and underseasoning at the same time. I’ll hate onions forever, but I’m with you on French toast! It’s awesome!

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  2. My mom turned me off of a lot of veggies by boiling them with no seasonings. To this day I will not eat green beans. But onions I can eat raw I love them so much


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