How do You Spell Crackers? T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Trouble indeed! But so cute 😍🐕


Awww, just look at this little fella. Isn’t he ADOWABOWL?

Yes, until he gets off his leash.

Until you try to pick him up off the bed at 3 am because he’s taking up YOUR side and you have to work the next day.

Until you lean over to kiss your wife good night and he’s sitting next to her and he thinks you’re going to try to pick him up.

Still, he’s ADOWABOWL.

Crackers, aka “Zesta”, aka “Saltines”, aka “Bandit”, is our Rat Terrier (mixed with Chihuahua, we think). My wife and I decided our first dog, Miles (our 60-pound “Jacked” Russell) needed a friend to goof around with. In our 1000-square-foot apartment.


If you try to pick Crackers up when he’s chilling out then he’ll put a couple of holes in your hand. I’ve learned my lesson.

Miles has not.


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