All Hail The Crock Pot: Taco Soup!!

Taco soup is one of my favorite winter recipes. I discovered it well over a decade ago when I still lived in Ohio. It's almost like chili but it's BETTER! The first thing you need to know about taco soup is that it takes just over 4 hours to make, so it's best as a… Continue reading All Hail The Crock Pot: Taco Soup!!

We Made It To The Weekend; Fuck It, Let’s Eat Lots Of Carbs!!

It's been a long week, and I've been very good about eating less carbs, but now it's the weekend so fuck it! Let's cut loose a little! For our Friday night weekend kickoff, I made penne with mini meatballs and a side of Italian herb and Parmesan bread. I'll be perfectly honest here; I'm very… Continue reading We Made It To The Weekend; Fuck It, Let’s Eat Lots Of Carbs!!

Homesickness VS Reality: Winter Sucks

In the Ohio town I used to live in, it's currently -1 degree with a wind chill of at least -20. That's really freaking cold. Having lived there for 29 years, I remember what it's like. It hurts to breathe when it's that cold. During my last winter there (2013) before I moved to North… Continue reading Homesickness VS Reality: Winter Sucks

3-Year Dating Anniversary

Even though we're married now, my husband and I like to celebrate all of our anniversaries because they're all significant to us. Today is January 29, and it's officially been three years since the day we transitioned our friendship into a romantic relationship. The year was 2016, and I had just returned to town from… Continue reading 3-Year Dating Anniversary

Adventures with Miles the 70-lb Jacked Russell

Miles is the first dog I've ever had that was actually mine rather than my parents'. I'm not terribly young (almost 35) but I worked long hours when I was single and didn't have time to properly care for a dog, so I didn't get one until my situation was right. My now-husband and I… Continue reading Adventures with Miles the 70-lb Jacked Russell

Dog Mom Life: Insomnia For The Greater Good

I love both of my dogs equally and they both present their own unique challenges. Since we adopted both very young, it's been an adventure that's as close as I'd ever like to come to raising actual toddlers. Crackers has been throwing a fit lately when I try to put him in his separate room… Continue reading Dog Mom Life: Insomnia For The Greater Good

Crackers And The Battle Of The Sweater

My 20-lb rat terrier mix Crackers can be the sweetest little pup in the world when he wants to be. He can also be a major asshole when he wants to be. When my husband and I adopted him, we thought we had this dog parenting thing figured out thanks to Miles the Jacked Russell.… Continue reading Crackers And The Battle Of The Sweater