Birthday Weekend: Bellini, Beer, Basketball, And Ballin’!!!!

So yesterday was my 35th birthday, and the hubby and I made one hell of a weekend out of it. After all, I'm officially old enough to run for President now! That's not just any ordinary birthday! To start off the festivities, we went to Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine for dinner on Saturday. It's a… Continue reading Birthday Weekend: Bellini, Beer, Basketball, And Ballin’!!!!

Valentines Day ❤️

It's the holiday that single people love to hate. Back when I was single, I had an idea for the ultimate Valentines Day bundle for singles: it would contain a large pizza, a box of wine, a box of chocolates, and a punching bag that can be customized with a picture of your ex's face… Continue reading Valentines Day ❤️

The Trusty Old Carolina Ale House

Yesterday, in honor of our first entire weekend off together in months (and having a gift card from Christmas), the hubby and I attempted to go out to lunch at a local Applebee's. Lately, millennials have been accused of "killing" old school casual dining chains like Applebee's, but I've always enjoyed going there...until now. Also,… Continue reading The Trusty Old Carolina Ale House

NC State Sports, Marriage, And Me

I was born and raised in NE Ohio but I moved to North Carolina about 5 1/2 years ago in search of two things that the Cleveland area is always short on: sunshine and jobs. I found both, and I also happened to find my husband here, so I stayed. North Carolina is big on… Continue reading NC State Sports, Marriage, And Me