Steak Night!! 🥩

We're going to steak night! We're gonna eat it right! Steak is such a treat! It is the world's best meat! Much like Turk and JD on the (awesomely hilarious) show Scrubs, I love steak night. I could never be a vegan because steak is just way too delicious. I don't go out to steak… Continue reading Steak Night!! 🥩

Double Decker Tacos Done Right!!

I've always loved double decker tacos from Taco Bell, but they're missing something, an element of spice and freshness, so I reinvented them at home years ago. Taco night has always been something I could look forward to, because eating tacos never gets old. As added bonuses, they're cheap and take almost no time/effort to… Continue reading Double Decker Tacos Done Right!!

Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

If you're a vegan who's offended by other people enjoying meat topped with yet more delicious meat, now is the time to stop reading. This post is all about meat, specifically the glorious king of all meats: bacon!!! You've been warned. I found out earlier today via Facebook that it happens to be National Bacon… Continue reading Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

Vacation In Ohio!

Here I am in my home state of Ohio! It's just as cold and gray as I remember, and I still love it. People are simpler here; they're not as pretentious as the wealthy suburbanites in Cary who all buy the same cookie cutter house for $400k and drive the same $80k luxury SUV in… Continue reading Vacation In Ohio!

The Magical Wedding Ring Of Invisibility

Prior to my current part--time delivery gig, the last time I had a job that involved driving around was back in my single days when I worked in outside sales. I always liked the adventure aspect of it because I'm the type who hates to be chained to a desk for too long. However, it… Continue reading The Magical Wedding Ring Of Invisibility

More Culinary Adventures: Lactose Intolerance-Friendly Rigatoni And Cheese

It's Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I took the evening off to actually have dinner with my family instead of delivering it to other families. I planned on making salads with grilled chicken, but then I saw the CDC warning about people getting sick from romaine lettuce, so that bag of salad went in the trash… Continue reading More Culinary Adventures: Lactose Intolerance-Friendly Rigatoni And Cheese

Mom Started Leaving All The Time And I Hate It: By Miles

Hi everyone! It's me, Miles! I haven't been able to talk to you in awhile because my paws for too big for the keyboard and Mom has been busy. She used to stay home with Crackers and I all the time, but now she started leaving again and I don't like it. She comes home… Continue reading Mom Started Leaving All The Time And I Hate It: By Miles