Homesickness VS Reality: Winter Sucks

In the Ohio town I used to live in, it's currently -1 degree with a wind chill of at least -20. That's really freaking cold. Having lived there for 29 years, I remember what it's like. It hurts to breathe when it's that cold. During my last winter there (2013) before I moved to North… Continue reading Homesickness VS Reality: Winter Sucks

Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

If you're a vegan who's offended by other people enjoying meat topped with yet more delicious meat, now is the time to stop reading. This post is all about meat, specifically the glorious king of all meats: bacon!!! You've been warned. I found out earlier today via Facebook that it happens to be National Bacon… Continue reading Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

Vacation In Ohio!

Here I am in my home state of Ohio! It's just as cold and gray as I remember, and I still love it. People are simpler here; they're not as pretentious as the wealthy suburbanites in Cary who all buy the same cookie cutter house for $400k and drive the same $80k luxury SUV in… Continue reading Vacation In Ohio!

I Love The Holidays But They Stress Me Out Financially

I've always loved the holidays. I love cooking, baking, decorating, and especially our annual trip home to Cleveland for Christmas. The first time we traveled there together in 2016 was the first time my now-husband met my family and also the day he proposed to me, so now it's a tradition. As wonderful as it… Continue reading I Love The Holidays But They Stress Me Out Financially

Thanksgiving Baking Adventures: Booze-Infused Pies

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! I like Thanksgiving because it's a holiday centered around two of my favorite things: food and family. This year, I'm thankful for the fact that I don't have to attempt to make an entire turkey dinner in my ridiculously tiny kitchen. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible. My husband and… Continue reading Thanksgiving Baking Adventures: Booze-Infused Pies

Dear NBA Commentators: Please Shut Up About Lebron Already

Yes, we Cavs fans are well aware that what's his face got bored with our midwestern simplicity yet again and jetted off to Hollywood. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten. Why then do you still talk about him constantly while commentating Cavs games that he has nothing to do with? Could you at least respect our… Continue reading Dear NBA Commentators: Please Shut Up About Lebron Already

Basketball PTSD Is Real, And I Know Because I’m A Cleveland Fan

I’m from a very rural part of Ohio. The town I lived in was so small it didn’t even have a traffic light and that’s why, when anyone asks where I’m from, I usually reference the closest actual city, which is Cleveland. It’s just easier that way, and I also spent a lot of time… Continue reading Basketball PTSD Is Real, And I Know Because I’m A Cleveland Fan