Happy National Dog Moms Day!

Today is National Dog Moms Day, so I've emerged from beneath the large pile of work and other adult responsibilities that I've been buried in for the last few weeks. After all, this is my version of Mother's Day! My fur kids, however, did not appear to get the message about Dog Moms Day. Miles… Continue reading Happy National Dog Moms Day!

Yonkaholic Cooks Buffalow Frawg Legs

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome another guest post from my amazing and handsome husband, Mr. Yonkaholic himself 😁 ------------ Boo-Thang doesn't share my enthusiasm for Frog legs. That's okay, because this is MY guest post 🐸. I don't share my wife's flair for culinary escapades, but occasionally I'll throw down in someone's kitchen. My latest… Continue reading Yonkaholic Cooks Buffalow Frawg Legs

Don’t Get Your Kids A Puppy For Christmas Unless You’re Prepared To Raise A Grown Dog!

Getting a puppy for Christmas is one of those adorable quintessential holiday moments that we see so often in movies. Of course it's cute; the little puppy wags its tail, licks its new person's face, and they live happily ever after, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, those movies don't tell the whole story. They don't show you… Continue reading Don’t Get Your Kids A Puppy For Christmas Unless You’re Prepared To Raise A Grown Dog!

Mom Started Leaving All The Time And I Hate It: By Miles

Hi everyone! It's me, Miles! I haven't been able to talk to you in awhile because my paws for too big for the keyboard and Mom has been busy. She used to stay home with Crackers and I all the time, but now she started leaving again and I don't like it. She comes home… Continue reading Mom Started Leaving All The Time And I Hate It: By Miles

Dog Mom Life: Diarrhea Everywhere

Diarrhea is funny when you're 12 years old and joking about it. It's not so funny when you have two very spirited dogs in a tiny 1000 square foot apartment and you wake up to diarrhea ALL OVER your living room and dining room floor. And your husband has to work that Saturday so you're… Continue reading Dog Mom Life: Diarrhea Everywhere

5 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

I’ve dealt with people a lot in my career and my life in general. I’m okay with it, but sometimes (okay, let’s be honest, most of the time) I’d much prefer the company of just my dogs. Dogs are better than people in so many ways. 1. Dogs don’t hold grudges. If you’ve ever inadvertently… Continue reading 5 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

Shameless Is Killing Dogs And I Can’t Watch

I absolutely love shows about fucked up people engaging in all kinds of debauchery, so naturally I love the show Shameless on Showtime. I’ve been watching since day 1, rooting for strong Fiona and just hoping Frank manages to not irreparably damage too many people each episode. I was very disappointed to learn that season… Continue reading Shameless Is Killing Dogs And I Can’t Watch