Happy National Dog Moms Day!

Today is National Dog Moms Day, so I’ve emerged from beneath the large pile of work and other adult responsibilities that I’ve been buried in for the last few weeks. After all, this is my version of Mother’s Day!

My fur kids, however, did not appear to get the message about Dog Moms Day. Miles hasn’t brought me breakfast in bed, Crackers hasn’t made any colorful paw print cards, nothing. Not even a single woof. Oh well, I know they love me because anytime I have to leave the apartment and work on site with a client, they greet me like I’m a celebrity when I get back home.

I’m sure some in the “mommy groups” who have human children think that a holiday celebrating dog moms is preposterous. Well, sanctimommies, I (absolutely do not) regret to tell you to fuck all the way off with that shit. Being a dog mom is a 24/7 job, making sure they aren’t eating some random thing that could make them sick or kill them, dealing with tantrums, and making sure they are safe, healthy and happy. Same things moms do for human kids, right? Minus the awful-sounding pregnancy and birth part (which I’m happy to skip forever, thank you).

Being a dog mom is stressful sometimes because Miles and Crackers can’t just tell me in English if they’re anxious about something or not feeling well; I have to interpret their body language and read between the barks to figure out their needs and communicate with them. If you’re reading this and thinking “This is dumb, they’re just dogs,” and you keep your dog chained up in the backyard or constantly in a kennel, I have news for you: You’re not a dog parent, you’re just a dog owner (and an especially shitty one at that). A real dog parent makes an effort to have a relationship with their dog and let him know that he’s an important part of the family.

So Happy Dog Moms Day to all the awesome dog moms! No matter how many vet bills and piles of poop we encounter, we put 100% into making sure our dogs have a great life, and they make our lives complete with their love and companionship.

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