More Brunch Adventures: French Toast Flavored Sausage And Stanley Cup Playoffs

A couple days ago, my husband was going to the store and I suggested that he pick up stuff for yet another delicious weekend brunch. If he braves the crowds at the store, I’ll cook it. He came home with something I’d never heard of before: French toast flavored sausage! Whatttttt?!

So naturally, I was thrilled to cook it up this afternoon before the start of the Carolina Hurricanes VS New York Islanders game. I made some scrambled eggs and fried potatoes as well because weekend brunch is no time to diet. I’ll save the dieting for Monday.

Let me tell you, this sausage is AMAZING!! It really does embody the flavor profile of French toast: a perfect ratio of sweet and savory. It will satisfy your craving for something sweet and also your craving for savory meat. I highly recommend it. Johnsonville definitely scored a goal on this one!

Speaking of scoring goals, hopefully the Canes will do just that today and keep pushing towards winning the cup. Go Canes!!

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