Playing With Dogs: It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets A Black Eye

Last night, I was sitting on my couch playing with my dogs just like any other night. Even though Miles is 70 lbs and almost as tall as I am (that doesn’t take much), he’s young and he still thinks he’s a little puppy, and he likes to stretch out in my lap while I rub his belly. That’s exactly what he was doing when my other dog, Crackers, approached him from the front and started wrestling with him. Miles threw his head back and BAM! His hard head collided with mine. Ow!! He knew right away that I had been hurt and climbed up to lick me and see if I was ok. I wondered the same thing about him momentarily , but I’ve seen him run head-first into the sliding patio door often while playing fetch, and I can’t imagine my head being harder than that door (although my husband may disagree 😆). So I put an ice pack on it, took some painkillers, and eventually laughed about it as the pain subsided.

This morning, my eye looks like I got into a fistfight with someone much larger than 70 lbs. This is the first time I’ve ever had even a minor black eye, and it’s kinda amusing how it happened. I’ve always considered myself a pacifist and I’ve never been in a physical fight with anyone in my life, so I guess it had to happen eventually? I thought it would at least be a badass story though, like I got into a fight with a bad guy to save the life of an old lady he was trying to rob. Oh well.

Now I’m thinking I should probably stay home until it heals, because I don’t want anyone giving my husband dirty looks and assuming he beats me up.

“So you’re sticking with your story, huh? The dog did it? Anna, there are places you can go for help. You don’t have to live like this.”

“No, really, my husband would never hurt me! Miles just plays too hard sometimes and doesn’t realize how big he is.”

“You know, Mrs. Yonk, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.”

“No really! If Miles spoke English, he could tell you himself.”

Anyway, Miles and I are both fine and I really didn’t have anywhere important to go anyway. But remember, things aren’t always what they may look like! Sometimes people really do get accidentally beaten up by their large playful dogs.

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