St. Patrick’s Day, Mountain Views And Hot Tubs ☘️🏔

I’ve been away from my blog much of this week due to being busy as fuck working and…drumroll please…doing all kinds of paperwork to get us approved for our new house! Yep, we found our house and we are officially under contract and approved to buy it! It’s a new construction 3 bedroom/2 bath home out in a rural part of North Carolina, and the builder will have it completed in May. I haven’t lived in a house since I moved out of my parents’ house 15 years ago, so I’m pretty excited, especially about living in the country again.

All the paperwork on top of my regular work projects, however, effectively burned me out and I really needed a break from adulting. Good thing we already had a trip to the mountains planned this weekend! St. Patrick’s Day happens to be 2 days before my husband’s birthday, so we always end up doing something fun in honor of both. This year, I booked a nice little Airbnb apartment in Burnsville, which is VERY rural with amazing mountain views out every window. It also has a hot tub! The best thing is that this Airbnb was only $65/night, cheaper than even a crappy roach motel.

So we got here Friday night after driving about 4 and a half hours (after a full day of working, yes we’re a little crazy). Since then, we’ve been drinking lots of wine in the hot tub, admiring the mountains, listening to music, eating delicious BBQ (I mean real BBQ, burgers and hot dogs do NOT count as BBQ), and just getting some much-needed relaxation.

It’s only been a day but I’m feeling more alive again already and not so burnt out. Tomorrow we have to head back to the city and get back to our jobs and our dogs. As much as I’d like to stay here forever staring at the beautiful mountain view, I miss my dogs and I’m excited to continue getting everything ready to move into our new house in a few months.

So Happy St. Patty’s Day! Have fun and please don’t drive if you’re indulging in fun adult beverages! ☘️ ✌️

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