Mac-N-Cheese With Spicy Jalapeño Chicken Sausage

The weather has been all over the place here in NC. One day it’s 70, the next day it’s 30. Because of this bipolar weather, the hubby and I are both feeling a bit under the weather, which makes it the perfect time for both comfort food and spicy food (because it opens those congested airways right up!). I happened to find chicken sausage on sale yesterday at Harris Teeter, so I had the brilliant idea to cut up some Spicy Jalapeño flavored chicken sausage in a couple boxes of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese. Delicious!

I write a lot about how I alter my recipes to accommodate my lactose intolerance, so I bet you’re wondering how I accomplish the ultimate cheat of using boxes of Kraft. Well, it turns out that the cheese powder itself doesn’t have much of an effect on me (I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a dairy allergy that can actually kill you, but that’s not the case with me). I can also use regular butter because I discovered awhile ago that butter is naturally very low in lactose because it’s mostly fat (not the part of dairy where most of the lactose lives). So the only thing I really have to replace is the milk, and that’s easily done using Lactaid lactose-free milk. Ever since those wonderful discoveries, I’ve been enjoying the shit out of some Kraft Mac-N-Cheese! I honestly don’t care if it’s the food of picky toddlers; it’s delicious and I’ll never be too sophisticated to enjoy it.

Between the crazy weather, working my ass off to get all these piles of data entered by my Friday deadline, and not feeling well, this meal was exactly what I needed tonight: quick and easy to make, comforting, and full of sinus-clearing jalapeños.

Do you enjoy eating spicy food as a remedy for congestion too or am I just crazy?

Also, if you’re lactose intolerant like me, feel free to reach out for advice on substitute ingredients so you can get back to enjoying your favorite foods! You can post in the comments, contact me via the “Contact me” section of my page, or Tweet me @atmartinwriter!

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