Valentines Day ❤️

It’s the holiday that single people love to hate. Back when I was single, I had an idea for the ultimate Valentines Day bundle for singles: it would contain a large pizza, a box of wine, a box of chocolates, and a punching bag that can be customized with a picture of your ex’s face (gloves included so you don’t hurt yourself punching it). Even though I’m happily married now, I still think that’s a great idea!

We don’t go out to dinner for Valentines Day ever because we hate crowds, and every restaurant is packed on February 14. Instead, we do cute little things for each other at home. For example, last year, I made a giant brownie and decorated it with our initials in red icing (color of the NC State Wolfpack).

In case my terrible icing writing is hard to read, it says A + Z with our last initial Y under it.

This year I’m going to make a funfetti cake (as soon as my Amazon Prime grocery delivery gets here anyway). I also made a printable card with our favorite wedding picture in it. Of course I’m going to have to insert that picture now because we’re just so darn cute.

Hubby surprised me with a cute card, a box of chocolates and…a bag of flour! Nice touch! He knows I’m not a fan of cut flowers, so he used an inside joke from The Ranch (if you haven’t watched it, go hit up Netflix immediately) when Colt left two bags of flour on Abby’s porch because he wanted to get her “flours.” Nice usage of favorite show references and also useful for my baking!

So Happy Valentines Day! What are you doing to celebrate? If you’re single, what do you think of my single person V-Day bundle idea? Should I be marketing that for next year?

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