Crackers And The Vet Ordeal

My little rat terrier mix Crackers has quite the attitude, so neither of us were thrilled that he had to go to the vet today for his yearly exam and vaccines plus a much-needed nail trim. I knew it would be an ordeal. I didn’t know that he would literally be mad at me for the rest of the day.

Usually, they’ll keep me in the room while they do their procedures, but they started with the nail trim today and apparently he got so scared/upset he had to be muzzled. After that, they suggested that they keep him in the back for the vaccines to get it done more quickly. I agreed but let them know that I was nearby if it would help him to see me.

When they brought him back, his ears were flat back and he looked more upset than I’ve ever seen him. I felt so bad for him. If only he knew that we’re not torturing him for fun; these things are necessary. I brought him home and gave him treats, and he seemed okay for a little while. Then, later that evening, he began withdrawing again and didn’t want to sit by me. Normally, he wants to sit on top of me 24/7.

At this moment, he’s still hiding out under his favorite end table avoiding me. I guess this must be what parents go through when their kids get mad, say “I hate you Mom!” and storm away.

I’m not sure how long dogs’ memories last, but hopefully in time with a few chunks of bribe-cheese, he’ll come around.

How do your dogs handle vet visits? Do you do anything specific to calm them down when they have to go in for an appointment?

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