Homesickness VS Reality: Winter Sucks

In the Ohio town I used to live in, it’s currently -1 degree with a wind chill of at least -20. That’s really freaking cold. Having lived there for 29 years, I remember what it’s like. It hurts to breathe when it’s that cold. During my last winter there (2013) before I moved to North Carolina, I was working third shift in a call center and the locks in my car literally froze. My car at that time didn’t have a keyless entry remote and the key wouldn’t turn to unlock the door, so I had to have AAA break into my own car, which caused the alarm to go off for a long time. That incredibly annoying experience made me glad I already had my plans in place to move down here. Winter sucks.

Every time I go home, I miss living there and think about moving back. Then I see weather reports like today and reality sets in: Winter sucks. It’s cold here too, but it’s in the mid-30’s with lows in the 20’s. That’s a hell of a lot better than -20. For the most part, though, winters down here are very mild. We’re expecting to be back up in the 50’s by this weekend.

So stay warm everyone up north! Today, I’m thankful to be in North Carolina.

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