3-Year Dating Anniversary

Even though we’re married now, my husband and I like to celebrate all of our anniversaries because they’re all significant to us. Today is January 29, and it’s officially been three years since the day we transitioned our friendship into a romantic relationship.

The year was 2016, and I had just returned to town from a business trip with the (pyramid scheme) Cydcor sales company I worked for at the time. We had been talking as friends for a few months since he had knocked on my door selling cable for a different Cydcor pyramid scheme company and later found me on Facebook. On that particular evening, he texted to see if I’d arrived back in town safely and what I was up to. I was pretty sick of my job and said my plan was to drink…a lot. At that point, I was so broke I could barely pay my rent, and my cable was shut off because I couldn’t afford the bill. He wasn’t doing much better, he was between projects and was working at Bojangles. Spontaneously, I asked if he wanted to come over and drink with me. He offered to bring a DVD since my cable was shut off, and he must have been waiting for that invitation for awhile because he was at my door quickly.

The movie he brought was The Mask, and I had plenty of cheap box wine. I didn’t really expect anything from that evening because we had just been friends for months and had even gone out for beers once without crossing any lines, so imagine my surprise when he went for it and kissed me.

After that, we were off to the races. We were engaged about 11 months later and got married about 9 months after that.

Fate is a funny thing. He’s religious so I know he thinks it’s something else that brought us together; I’m an atheist so I’ll go with fate/The Universe. I spent so much time at bars and on dating apps looking for my future husband, and then he knocked on my freaking door.

So happy dating anniversary hubby! To say you’re the only dude I’ve ever been with who wasn’t a big huge mistake would be the understatement of the century.

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