Hello Fresh! Final Meal And Official Review: Pork Poblano Tacos

Well, I’ve just completed my third and final meal from my trial week of Hello Fresh. This recipe includes a sour cream topping but I omitted that part because I can’t eat sour cream.

I’ve made tacos before with beef, turkey and chicken but I’ve never made them with pork. It’s a rich meat and has a very different flavor than others I’ve used, especially when combined with the diced poblano pepper, stock reduction, spice packet (similar to regular taco seasoning) and tomato paste. The meat combination turned out great, and I may have to add poblanos to my taco meat in the future.

The kit included ingredients to make a homemade salsa with kiwi in it, but I don’t really like kiwi (or any fruit with fuzzy skin for that matter…sorry peaches, I’m Team Nectarine) and I hate cutting onions. Also, the tomato they provided had gone bad. So I cheated and used salsa from a jar that I had in the fridge. It was easier anyway. And I like lettuce on my tacos for some crunch, so I added some hearts of romaine. Don’t worry, I read that romaine is safe again, but just in case, I paired some homemade strawberry margaritas with this dish so in case I die of romaine poisoning, at least I’ll die happy and drunk.

Cheers! Now on to my overall official review based on all 3 meals.

All the meals I made with these kits were delicious. There’s no questioning that. But would I pay nearly $60/week after shipping for 3 meals? Based on my experience, the answer is no for a few good reasons.

  • The serving sizes are small for my household. I don’t eat a lot, so this would be ideal if I was still single, but I adopted a 30-year old kid awhile ago – whoops, I mean I got married awhile ago! My husband has a big appetite, and I can make a larger quantity of food for $20/meal if I shop elsewhere.
  • My options for meals to choose were limited in the first place because so many of the dishes on the weekly menu contained milk/cream, and then I’d have to go to the store anyway to buy substitutes for my lactose intolerant self. Might as well buy everything else there too and it’ll be cheaper.
  • I’m very creative in the kitchen and rarely follow recipes to a T. I prefer to throw things together that sound good and just wing it; usually it turns out great.
  • Overall, at $20/meal, its overpriced. We don’t have money to burn so I’d rather use my thrifty resourcefulness to buy ingredients at better prices and make more food that lasts longer.

If I had discovered this service 5 years ago when I was a busy single professional, it would have been perfect for me, but it’s not compatible with my married life and not worth the price.

To illustrate my point about the serving sizes being too small, my husband is again snacking 15 minutes after dinner because the meal wasn’t big enough. Yeah, I would absolutely recommend Hello Fresh to single ladies but not to married ladies with very hungry husbands.

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