Double Decker Tacos Done Right!!

I’ve always loved double decker tacos from Taco Bell, but they’re missing something, an element of spice and freshness, so I reinvented them at home years ago. Taco night has always been something I could look forward to, because eating tacos never gets old. As added bonuses, they’re cheap and take almost no time/effort to make.

The first thing I do differently (besides not being a high school kid working at Taco Bell) is that I add black olives to the taco meat. Black olives are one of the biggest debates in food; some people love them, some people hate them. I personally love them and add them to many dishes, but a couple of my best friends can’t stand them. I can’t really question my friends’ judgment because, well, they’re wise enough to be friends with me, right? It’s just a different opinion.

Anyway, I stay true to the tradition of the Bell Of Tacos in that I put refried beans between the soft and hard shell. Then, of course, I fill it with the taco meat/olive combo, top it with Kraft shredded Cheddar (which conveniently has 0 grams of lactose!), chunky medium heat salsa, and whatever kind of lettuce I currently have (today it’s spring mix). I never use Iceberg lettuce because it wilts faster than my ex-boyfriend’s dick and has as much flavor and nutritional value as eating cardboard. To say I’m less of a fan of Iceberg than the passengers on the Titanic would be an understatement.

So raise your tacos and let’s toast to…tacos!! Taco night is the best! And Iceberg lettuce sucks.

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