2019: Onwards And Upwards!

We’re only 14 days into 2019, but so far this is a great year full of improvements! The biggest improvement, obviously, is my great new contract gig. Finally I’m back to working 100% from home and having my evenings and weekends off! I liked driving food orders around, but the pay fluctuated too much based on whether business was busy or slow, and I missed my family when I was out all evening or on the weekend instead of being home. Also, it’s 35 degrees outside, so fuck that.

Another big victory is that I now have health insurance again, thanks to my wonderful husband! Self-employment is awesome, but finding affordable insurance is pretty much impossible without an employer plan, so I’m glad he has a job he likes enough to stick with and that provides affordable-ish (it’s still expensive) insurance for both of us and the dogs.

Another exciting thing coming up is my 35th birthday next month. I’ll be old enough to run for President! Not like I would get elected anyway. I’m a woman, a vocal atheist, and I’m not wealthy or corrupt. I’d have no chance in that election. But it’s cool to know that I could if I wanted to.

I’m excited about 2019. I think this just might be the best year yet. Hopefully we are able to buy a house and finally give Miles and Crackers a nice yard to run around in.

At the moment, I think they’re just happy that I’m home again.

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