My Official Review Of Ruth’s Chris Steak House: The Proletariat Successfully Infiltrated The Bourgeois

As I wrote about a couple days ago, I had a business dinner tonight at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I’ve never been there before, but the partners of the company I’m contracting for wanted to go there and they were paying, so I agreed. If I had to pay for myself, I would’ve insisted on something much cheaper like Chili’s or perhaps chili dogs and tots at Sonic. That’s about as fancy as I get. I still have to pay rent and everything! People like me can’t afford Ruth’s Chris.

So I put on a cute black dress, black tights, gray leather boots, and a gray cardigan, did my makeup and hair, and took a Lyft 15 minutes down the road to the steakhouse. I know from my delivery driving experience that parking is hard to find in that plaza and I suspected that wine would be involved (I was correct), so I didn’t want to deal with driving there or back, especially when I live so close by. Good thing for Lyft!

The restaurant in general wasn’t as intimidating as I expected it to be, but it was definitely different than other dining experiences I’ve had. My husband and I typically go to casual dining places like Carolina Ale House or Olive Garden, where they serve your drinks no questions asked. At Ruth’s Chris, the server insisted that one of us had to test the wine first and make sure it was good. I’ve literally never met a wine I didn’t like; typically I drink Franzia box wine at home, so any wine that comes in a bottle is fancy to me!

The food was good! Was it $55 good? Ehhhh, I could buy 5 lbs of ribeye, a pound of shrimp, and 5 lbs of potatoes at Harris Teeter for the same price and make several delicious steak dinners at home. The steak and shrimp were great, but nothing super impressive I couldn’t cook myself at home in my pajamas. I guess people just pay these prices if they’re unable or unwilling to cook these amazing foods for themselves, or if they just want to impress people by going to an expensive restaurant.

So overall, my review is that Ruth’s Chris has delicious food and a cool ambiance, but I wouldn’t actually spend money there because it’s extremely overpriced. I’m a talented home chef, and I can cook anything they make for a very small fraction of the price. I also give zero fucks about impressing people with my wealth. I have $12 in my account currently, so what wealth?

The biggest winner this evening is my husband because he got to eat my leftovers, as well as the cheesecake that came with it (because I’m sadly lactose intolerant). I love cheesecake but I’ll have to make a special one with my magical lactose-free cream cheese for my birthday next month.

The biggest win for me in the situation is my new contract and the amazing team I’m working with. I’ve never felt so close with any company or team, and I’m sure we’re going to rock this new project. I never give less than 100% to my commitments. I just know this is going to be a great year. And I’m pretty sure no one at the restaurant caught on to the fact that I’m poor as fuck, so I successfully infiltrated the bourgeois of Cary! 🤘🤘🤘🤘😁

1 thought on “My Official Review Of Ruth’s Chris Steak House: The Proletariat Successfully Infiltrated The Bourgeois”

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