Ruth’s Chris Steak House: The Proletariat Infiltrating The Bourgeois Of Cary

I love steak, especially ribeye. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. I’m not the type of person who typically goes to steakhouses, however, and I have a good reason for that. I’m a pretty thrifty girl because I’ve always been far from wealthy, and I also love to cook (as you already know if you’ve ever read my blog). I can go to Harris Teeter and buy a pound of ribeye for $8 when they’re on sale, cook it perfectly medium rare in my cast iron pan, and go to town on that motherfucker while lounging in my pajamas and drinking lots of cheap wine. I also make some bomb ass potatoes to go with that ribeye. I don’t have to dress up, go out in the crazy city traffic, or get a bill at the end of the meal that’s more than my monthly electric bill.

Anyone who reads my blog also knows that I’m self-employed, and I’ve been on the hunt for my next great project for the last few months while working any gigs I could get to pay the bills. Well, my wonderful whale of an opportunity finally landed last night. A company I’ve been contracting for on and off for about a year contacted me with a big new project and offered me a great new opportunity that will take care of the majority of 2019 for me and also build my resume even more. It’s everything I wanted; good pay, working 100% from home again, and setting myself up for future opportunities with more experience. This is a dream come true.

This weekend, a couple partners of the company want to meet with me for a business dinner to discuss the project. Sure, that’s fine! According to Michael Scott, the place to do business is Chili’s, but I was surprised when they said that they’d like to take me to Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Ummmm, what?! We’re talking about a restaurant where the average check probably comes close to my monthly car payment. Sure, I’ll go! I just don’t know what to wear to such a fancy rich people place, or how to act around rich people, or pretty much anything about that kind of environment. To me, any restaurant that uses real plates is a nice restaurant. I’m a country girl from the sticks who eats ramen and drinks Franzia box wine, so this is a little intimidating to me.

So yeah, I have a great new gig, I’m going to Ruth’s Chris for the first time ever, and I’ll have to write again in a couple days to let you all know how I held up as a proletariat spy infiltrating the bourgeois of Cary. Also, I’ll definitely have to review their steak cooking skills VS my homemade ribeye.

By the way, the ribeye featured in the picture is one I cooked myself. Looks pretty amazing huh? I’m pretty sure my steak cooking skills are at least part of the reason my husband married me. 😉

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