Christmas Ale Bacon Cheeseburgers And National Bacon Day!!

If you’re a vegan who’s offended by other people enjoying meat topped with yet more delicious meat, now is the time to stop reading. This post is all about meat, specifically the glorious king of all meats: bacon!!! You’ve been warned.

I found out earlier today via Facebook that it happens to be National Bacon Day, and that’s perfect because I still have about a pound of the Christmas Ale bacon that hubby and I bought at the West Side Market in Cleveland while we were on vacation. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s bacon infused with the flavors of Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I didn’t need anymore good reasons to never stop eating meat, but if you do, this bacon is a great reason to eat meat forever.

Burgers are one of my favorite things to stack bacon on at home because I can even have cheese on them as long as I’ve sourced my special lactose-free cheese. That’s a big deal for a lactose intolerant person who has to order burgers at restaurants sans cheese. A burger without cheese is still good, but it’s like having just okay sex that barely results in an orgasm VS having mind-blowing, screaming orgasms. Plus, the mind-blowing screaming orgasm cheeseburger at home is cheaper. Win win!

While we’re on the subject of bacon, how do you usually cook it? I always used a frying pan, but the label on this bacon suggested cooking it in the oven instead, so I tried it and it’s delicious! Just line a baking sheet with foil and bake it at 375 for about 15 minutes, then use paper towels to remove some of the excess grease. You can make it as crispy, chewy, or in between as you prefer by adjusting the cook time. I prefer it in between, so I don’t leave it in for longer than 15 minutes.

Normally, I prefer to adorn my burgers with lettuce and tomato, but I skipped it today in favor of extra bacon. This thing is already so big, I can barely fit it in my mouth! THATS WHAT SHE SAID!! 😂😂

Anyway, Happy National Bacon Day! Go eat some bacon if you haven’t already, because you only live once and bacon is awesome!

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