Vacation In Ohio!

Here I am in my home state of Ohio! It’s just as cold and gray as I remember, and I still love it. People are simpler here; they’re not as pretentious as the wealthy suburbanites in Cary who all buy the same cookie cutter house for $400k and drive the same $80k luxury SUV in an effort to impress one another. That’s the kind of shit that makes me roll my eyes. Ohio people are thankful if they’re able to find a job and afford a home and a car at all. We’re the salt of the earth in the truest sense. We’re fiercely loyal to our families, our values, our freedom, and especially our sports teams!

Yesterday was our first full day here and it was amazing! We went to Cleveland with my best friend and her husband and had lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company, enjoyed some beers, and then browsed through the infamous West Side Market (Christmas Ale bacon!!!!). Then we went to their house for dinner, more drinks, and game night with the whole family. That was a blast! I don’t have human kids myself but my best friend has 3 of them and I’ve known her for about 15 years, so I’ve had the honor of being their cool aunt and watching them grow up. Her oldest is about to graduate from high school in June and start college at my alma mater, Kent State. To say I’m a proud auntie would be the understatement of the century! Since I’ve been able to live vicariously through my bestie as far as the whole kids thing, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not having my own kids. I’ll stick with my fur kids.

Later today, we’re visiting my old college town of Kent and then heading back to Cleveland to do some bar hopping before…drumroll please…THE CAVS GAME!!! Yep, this girl has never had the pleasure of cheering on the Cleveland Cavaliers in person before, and that’s all about to change today. This will be my first NBA game ever and I’m really hoping for a win. Our season hasn’t been great so far but it’s been better than expected since Lebron left us again. Also, the Chicago Bulls have a worse record than us this year, so this should be interesting.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be up at 6:48 in the morning, but my allergies and the fact that my humidifier wasn’t on all night contributed to the super fun early morning inability to breathe. Also, my husband is currently using about 5/6 of the bed and snoring profusely, so about that sleep? Not happening. It’s times like these I consider how much I really love him because I can just laugh about it and write a blog post instead of being irritated and beating him with a pillow until he wakes up. I really can’t be too irritated because he’s my designated driver for all of these adventures, and that’s priceless. I mean, so is the whole marriage thing. Yep. 😉

Whenever I’m up here, I feel like I’m somewhere I belong, where there are lots of other awesome simple people like me. It makes me not want to go back to North Carolina, but, at least for now, that’s where my life is. Also, that’s where my dogs are, and I really miss them.

So cheers to day 2 of this adventure! Time for beer, basketball and badassery!! GO CAVS!! 🏀

4 thoughts on “Vacation In Ohio!”

  1. That would be cool! We come up often to see family and friends! You can keep up with me on Twitter if you want @atmartinwriter. Hope you enjoy your holiday vacation too! There’s no place like home!


  2. That would be cool! We come up often to see family and friends! You can keep up with me on Twitter if you want @atmartinwriter. Hope you enjoy your holiday vacation too! There’s no place like home!

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