The Magical Wedding Ring Of Invisibility

Prior to my current part–time delivery gig, the last time I had a job that involved driving around was back in my single days when I worked in outside sales. I always liked the adventure aspect of it because I’m the type who hates to be chained to a desk for too long. However, it irritated me when random dudes would constantly hit on me when I was there for work purposes. They were extra creepy about it and disrespectful to me as a woman in the workforce. One time, a guy hit on me IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE and followed me to my car when I said no. Talk about creepy.

I was worried that I might run into the same problem with this gig. After all, a ring doesn’t always stop a thirsty creep (as demonstrated by the thirsty creep in the Raleigh bar who tried to pick me up a few months before my wedding by arguing that I wasn’t married yet so I should definitely sleep with him 🙄). Did I mention that I no longer go to bars?

Apparently actually hanging out in a bar and just being a hard-working married woman are different, because my driving adventures have been different this time around. Men notice me occasionally, but then they glance at my left hand and move along. To most of them, it seems like I’m completely invisible. This is awesome!!!! I can just go about my business without being hassled. I really hope this holds true forever.

As an introvert and someone who’s always been irritated by dudes acting like they’re entitled to sex, being invisible is the best thing ever. It’s like a superpower. It’s my magical wedding ring of invisibility.

I will NOT, however, be taking off all my clothes in public like Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl. First of all, I’m not actually invisible, and (unfortunately) I look nothing like Jessica Alba.

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