Cold Weather, Driving Adventures And Christmas Lights

It’s been pretty insanely cold here in NC this week. I mean, insanely cold for NC. It got down to the 20’s! Where I’m from in NE Ohio, that’s still cold but pretty normal. Down here, it’s somewhat apocalyptic.

I was scheduled to work the dinner shift last night for the local restaurant delivery service, so I did what any Ohioan would do: layered a couple shirts under a warm sweater with some warm boots and got my ass to work. Lots of people down here don’t want to set foot outside when it’s cold, and that means more money for me!

As I was making my deliveries, I noticed that there were so many new Christmas light displays up! I’m 34, but cool Christmas lights still thrill me like a little kid. Driving around looking at the light displays was always one of my favorite things to do; now I get paid for it! Talk about win win!

I certainly didn’t think I’d be a 34-year old delivery girl with a handful of freelance jobs, but I see it as an upgrade from being chained to a desk in Corporate Hell wearing stiff uncomfortable business clothes. I’m much happier rocking my leggings, driving my little stick shift Kia around, singing along with the tunes, and of course admiring the Christmas lights. I guess some birds weren’t meant to be caged, and I’m definitely one of them.

So NC folks, please keep ordering your food in(preferably from 919 dine if you’re in our delivery area) and setting up your beautiful Christmas lights on your huge houses I only dream about being able to afford. And please tip your driver because we go out in the cold and leave our families when you don’t want to.

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