Mom Started Leaving All The Time And I Hate It: By Miles

Hi everyone! It’s me, Miles! I haven’t been able to talk to you in awhile because my paws for too big for the keyboard and Mom has been busy. She used to stay home with Crackers and I all the time, but now she started leaving again and I don’t like it. She comes home late smelling like good restaurant food and I don’t know where she goes. I miss her when she’s not home and I’m not sure if she’s coming back.

When Mom and Dad first brought me home, she used to go away to some place called “work” every day. Dad goes there every day too. Then, one day, she started staying home and sitting at her desk in the bedroom all day but she still called it the same thing, “work.” She wouldn’t play with me when she was at her desk, but at least she was home. Now she sits at the desk sometimes and leaves for hours sometimes, and I’m confused. Did she start leaving again because I’m not a good boy? I give her cuddles and kisses every day so she knows that she is my human and I love her. I miss her when she’s not home and I hope she stops leaving. I don’t know what work is because I’m just a puppy but I know that I never want my mom to leave me for any amount of time.

If anyone knows what “work” is and how to make it go away, please let me know so that my mom and dad can stay home scratching my belly every day instead of leaving. I asked Mom to share this awesome picture from the time a few weeks ago when Mom and Dad took me to the fun place in the woods and let me run around with the other dogs, because it was so much fun! I hope they take me there again soon.

Until next time,


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