Escaping From The Concrete Jungle

I’m not a city girl. Before I lived here, I lived in a town so small you could reference “the light” when giving someone directions because there was literally only one traffic light in town. Before that, I lived in a town so small it had zero traffic lights (but plenty of meth labs). There are certain things about the city that I like, especially the convenience of being able to have anything I need delivered to my door, even my groceries and wine. There are far more things about the city that annoy me, like the awful traffic and crowds of people everywhere (AKA the reason I shop for everything online these days).

It’s been a stressful and busy few months for me as I juggle my multiple jobs, goals and household responsibilities, so we’re getting out of dodge (well, Cary) for a couple days and heading out to the mountains. We’ve rented a tiny secluded A-frame cabin next to a peaceful pond on a private campground, and we’re even taking Miles with us. It would NOT be a good idea to take Crackers there because he thinks it’s fun to wiggle out of his harness and run away from us, so he gets to have the house to himself and hang out with my brother-in-law Nate for the weekend.

One of the things I love most about my marriage is our little weekend trips. We don’t spend a lot of money on fancy hotels or expensive restaurants, we just change the scenery and get away from the stress together like the best friends we are.

So here’s to another adventure!

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