Dear NBA Commentators: Please Shut Up About Lebron Already

Yes, we Cavs fans are well aware that what’s his face got bored with our midwestern simplicity yet again and jetted off to Hollywood. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten. Why then do you still talk about him constantly while commentating Cavs games that he has nothing to do with? Could you at least respect our team enough to commentate on OUR TEAM (you know, those dudes in the wine and gold jerseys who actually play for us) rather than some dude who didn’t want to be part of our team?

As a Cavs fan, I’m sick of the disrespect from the NBA. I’m tuning in this season in spite of LeWhoTheFuck? because I love my Cavs. I don’t want to hear about him every two seconds while I’m watching my team play. That’s like if I went out to dinner with a friend after a bad breakup and she proceeded to spend the entire dinner talking about how great my ex is. I’d be like “WTF man? Shut up about him!” Wouldn’t you?

Tonight it’s Cleveland VS Atlanta in our home opener and I’m glad the League Pass free trial is still going on through 10/23 because that means I can watch it easily without desperately searching the web for a working streaming link (such is the plight of being a fan living in a different market). I’m hoping for a win on our home court and for the commentators to get temporary amnesia when it comes to details about a certain someone. Seriously guys, we Cavs fans just want to enjoy the game and look to the future of our team rather than the past. Is that too much to ask?

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