Dog Mom Life: Diarrhea Everywhere

Diarrhea is funny when you’re 12 years old and joking about it. It’s not so funny when you have two very spirited dogs in a tiny 1000 square foot apartment and you wake up to diarrhea ALL OVER your living room and dining room floor. And your husband has to work that Saturday so you’re stuck cleaning it all up by yourself. And it makes the entire apartment smell so bad you literally throw up. Welcome to my Saturday.

The epidemic began a couple days ago when our little rat terrier mix Crackers began vomiting and having diarrhea. We rushed him to an emergency vet clinic at night and were relieved when it was deemed nothing major. We switched him to a bland diet temporarily and began medicating him for GI issues per the vet’s recommendation, and he improved quickly. As is common with these things, we don’t know what he ate or could have gotten into that upset his stomach so terribly.

Then, our giant 60 lb Jacked Russell mix Miles suddenly started having bouts of diarrhea in the apartment early this morning. He’s very prone to eating random things that upset his stomach, so we’re pretty well versed in dealing with him. Take away his food for awhile, monitor him closely, and slowly start him on the bland diet. If the symptoms persist, call whichever vet is open (preferably our regular vet). That’s where we’re at now, and this dog mom is losing her damn mind.

It has literally been one of the shittiest days I can recall in my lifetime. This is just one of the ever-growing list of reasons I’m not having babies. Cleaning up massive piles of shit that make me lose my breakfast is NOT my idea of fun. And the anxiety of worrying whether my puppies are okay isn’t fun either.

With any luck, Miles will improve over the next day just like Crackers did. I’ll be making them a mix of plain chicken and rice and crossing my fingers that my combination of learned veterinary tricks and dog mom love will clear it up, because I really do love my pups with all my heart.

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