Anxiety, Insomnia, And Emotional Stress

Lying awake endlessly

Dreading the next day

Reliving my past trauma

Wish it would go away

Tears in my eyes, again I remember

Trying futilely to forget

My soul is being dismembered

It’s not that they don’t believe us

It’s just that they don’t care

Their agenda is all that matters

Disregarding the souls they batter

Scared to be a woman in this world

They’re trying to turn back the clock

Trying to silence all the survivors

So their predators can’t be blocked

“Boys will be boys” they say over again

“It’s not fair to ruin his life”

But her life has already been shattered

They mock her and say she doesn’t matter

Heartless, cruel, zero fucks given

These pigs aren’t capable of loving women

Selfish, gaslighting, doubt and blame

After this it will never be the same

5 thoughts on “Anxiety, Insomnia, And Emotional Stress”

  1. Better you write it on a blog. Get it out of system. People will learn from experience and you too will feel better


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