5 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

I’ve dealt with people a lot in my career and my life in general. I’m okay with it, but sometimes (okay, let’s be honest, most of the time) I’d much prefer the company of just my dogs. Dogs are better than people in so many ways.

1. Dogs don’t hold grudges. If you’ve ever inadvertently made a friend mad, even by saying something harmless that they just don’t agree with, you know the feeling of complete frustration that often accompanies human interaction. Dogs, on the other hand, bounce back from any disappointment quickly. My little rat terrier mix Crackers sometimes doesn’t want to go into his room for bed and fights me until I literally have to carry him in there with his ears back. The next morning when I let him out, is he still mad at me? Nope! He’s just happy to see me, wagging his tail and jumping up to give me kisses. Now that’s devotion! Or a very short-term memory.

2. Dogs are always down to cuddle. If you’re feeling down and you just need a cuddle, you can always cuddle your dog and they’ll love it. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be your dog. You can basically cuddle any dog to your heart’s content and they’ll be grateful for the attention. Try that with random people and they’ll think you’re a creep.

3. Dogs don’t mind sharing. People can be pretty selfish, but dogs will share anything they have. No Miles, I don’t want a bite of your half-chewed rawhide stick, but thanks for offering! It’s the thought that counts.

4. If they accidentally hurt you, dogs are remorseful and try to comfort you. One time when we first adopted him, I was playing with Miles and he accidentally ripped out a chunk of my hair. That hurt like a motherfucker! It hurt so badly I cried, and I don’t cry often. Miles knew immediately that he had accidentally hurt me, and he spent the next hour in my lap giving me kisses to try and comfort me. My ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, hurt me on a regular basis and gave zero fucks about how I was doing.

5. Dogs love you unconditionally. Most of the people I’ve known in my life have put conditions on their love. When I was younger, my parents wanted me to be religious in order to fully love me (not gonna happen but I think they finally got over it…now that I’m going on 35). All of my exes wanted me to be their doormat and expect no formal commitment from them in order to love me. Some of my friends expected me to go out to bars a lot and blow money I don’t have in order to love me. My dogs just love me because I’m me and I’m their mom. That’s the purest love in existence.

So if you’ve been completely frustrated with people and just need to be loved without all the bullshit, here’s my suggestion: adopt a dog!! October just happens to be Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and the dogs you’ll find at rescues are the best. They’re not damaged goods; they’re just sweet pups who need good fur-ever homes, and they’re waiting to meet you so they can love you unconditionally. Both of my dogs are rescues, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Adopt, don’t shop!

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