Shameless Is Killing Dogs And I Can’t Watch

I absolutely love shows about fucked up people engaging in all kinds of debauchery, so naturally I love the show Shameless on Showtime. I’ve been watching since day 1, rooting for strong Fiona and just hoping Frank manages to not irreparably damage too many people each episode. I was very disappointed to learn that season 9 would be Emmy Rossum’s last, but I certainly looked forward to watching one more season with her. Then the season began and I found out that Carl’s new story arc is volunteering at a company that euthanizes dogs in order to get into West Point. That’s just too close to home for me, and I can’t watch.

Of course I know that the show is fiction and they’re not actually euthanizing dogs, but I’m an overly emotional dog mom and I can’t even think about dogs dying. My dogs know that they’re never allowed to die, and I’m vigilant about protecting them so they can be with us for a long time. It’s a good thing we adopted Miles at 10 months old and Crackers at about 2 years old because they’re young enough to be with us for awhile (as long as we can keep them from eating all kinds of random toxic stuff from the ground on walks).

I am watching the new season of Shameless but I have to fast forward through the Carl scenes as long as he’s putting dogs down. Besides just the awful thought of dogs dying, something else really bugs me about it. The show portrays a business that takes dying dogs in without their people and euthanizes them alone, frightened with no familiar faces to comfort them. I’ve read articles by veterinarians about how scared dogs are when they’re about to be euthanized and their people refuse to be in the room. They die alone, scared and feeling abandoned. That’s no way to go, and nobody deserves that.

Realistically, I know my dogs won’t live forever and I dread the day I have to say goodbye to either one of them. Hopefully it’s really far away. When that day comes though, I won’t abandon Miles or Crackers in their last moments. As painful as it will be, I’ll hold them and comfort them all the way because I love those pups with my entire heart and I want them to always know their mom is there for them.

I really hope the storyline changes on Shameless this season because I’m really disappointed to have to fast forward through portions of the show. And seriously, your fur kid is your fur kid forever so don’t abandon them when they’re at their most vulnerable.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go cuddle my puppies now and feel thankful that I’m lucky enough to be their mom…hopefully for several more years.

6 thoughts on “Shameless Is Killing Dogs And I Can’t Watch”

  1. Exactly! They’ve shown grisly murders on the show, bloody fistfights, and digging up dead bodies to find massive quantities of meth. I was ok with watching that but I draw the line at euthanizing dogs.


  2. I totally agree with you!!! And I’m so freaked out by Fiona leaving her dog in her old apartment building, I thought for sure the dog would come back or she would go back and get it. I’m heartbroken that their was no resolution and a happy ending. I know it’s fiction as well, but it’s awful to think what happened. I haven’t seen season 10 yet and I’m hoping for some kind of miracle for her poor dog.

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  3. Same here! As a dog mom, it broke my heart that she abandoned that poor dog! Even though it’s fiction, it represents realities I don’t even want to think about because they happen all the time and it’s a travesty.

    Dogs are a forever commitment, people!!!!!!!


  4. When she sold the apartment building, the dog didn’t want to leave so she left him there and just abandoned him. That made me mad. She should have taken him home and made sure he was safe. My dogs don’t get to run around off leash unless it’s in the fenced in yard.


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