Florence: The Aftermath

So Hurricane Florence has passed finally and the Carolinas are about to start drying up, rebuilding, and naturally wondering what fresh challenges Mother Nature has for us next.

Even though Florence weakened to a category 1 and then to a tropical storm, she left a trail of flooding and destruction throughout the Carolinas. The death toll in North Carolina alone was 25 last I heard, which is devastating. Never underestimate the severity of hurricanes and tropical storms.

In my part of the state, several areas around me flooded and there were downed trees and limbs, but the impact could have been much worse. I’m lucky enough to live on higher ground and, unlike about a half a million others, I’m fortunate enough to have power.

For me, the worst fallout from the storm is that I woke up yesterday with a super fun head cold and almost no voice. I’m guessing that has something to do with walking around in the rain a lot for several days. Yes, you heard me right, and I did not have the luxury of staying inside the whole time. Remember how I have two dogs and no yard? Yeah, letting them do their business in the apartment is not an option; therefore, walks are not optional.

I’m desperately trying to get back to work today despite being unable to breathe and barely able to talk. These are the times I’m extremely thankful that I work from home and I don’t have a boss gaslighting me about how I’d never get sick if I was dedicated to my work. I’m also glad I don’t work in insurance anymore because I bet the insurance agencies are up to their ears in storm-related claims, which means the poor salespeople are spending all day fielding claim calls and then getting yelled at about not simultaneously making a ton of sales. Because they should clearly be able to just duplicate themselves rather than the agency actually staffing appropriately for the situation. I don’t miss that bullshit.

Sitting up doesn’t feel good but here I go to my merry little desk. Worst case, I can always return to my comfy bed a few feet away if I feel too awful.

As the relief efforts continue throughout the state, my thoughts are with the families who lost people or lost their homes in this storm. North Carolina is truly a beautiful state to live in, but there’s a price for the beauty, and hurricanes are part of the package.

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