The Calm Before The Storm

After a long week of trying to stay caught up with my many jobs while also preparing for Hurricane Florence, here I am waiting to see how bad it will be. I’m not originally from North Carolina, so I was pretty oblivious to the dangers hurricanes can bring to inland areas when I first moved here. It’s not just the coast that has to worry: we face strong winds, dangerous flooding, downed trees and power lines, and lengthy power outages. I learned this the hard way when Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016 (he didn’t even make landfall, btw) and my area experienced massive flooding and nearly a week without power. I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been for that hurricane, so I made sure I did it right this time and completed the whole checklist.

Florence is expected to make landfall in the next day and the coast is already getting beaten up pretty badly by the outer bands of the storm. I’m in my apartment enjoying what could possibly be my last evening with electricity in awhile. I also invented an easy hurricane cocktail: Chardonnay mixed with sparkly strawberry flavored water. It’s delicious and it’ll help me stretch my wine supply through the storm, because what’s worse than being without power for days while getting beaten up by 40-50 mph winds and 10+ inches of rain? Clearly the answer is doing all of the above without wine.

My dogs have been acting really anxious all day so I can tell they know something is going on with the weather. Hopefully they also know I’ll do anything to protect them.

So this is the calm before the storm…hopefully Florence takes it easy on us.

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