National Dog Day? How About National Dog Parents Day?

As you probably know, yesterday was National Dog Day, and I had planned to write something but I was extremely exhausted after spending an inordinate amount of time trying unsuccessfully to fix my laptop. It seems to have forgotten that it had a hard drive or an operating system, which really sucks for someone who works from home and doesn’t have an IT department to help. One borrowed laptop (thanks mom-in-law), one wine box, and a long nap later, I’m finally getting back in my groove. Besides, it occurred to me that every day is National Dog Day in my household.

Yes, it’s true that my dogs help themselves to every little bit of my time and patience (and personal space) as often as possible. Case in point, Crackers is currently curled up next to me in bed as I write this, and he gives me a LOOK if I move around or bump into him (even though he purposely wedges himself in as close to me as possible). So really, it’s kinda silly having National Dog Day when the dogs claim everything they want anyway. Instead, we should have National Dog Parent Day, a day where Miles and Crackers take care of themselves calmly and we just relax. Maybe they could even stop barking long enough for us to watch an entire episode of SVU without pausing it. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, I’ll keep on dreaming.

5 thoughts on “National Dog Day? How About National Dog Parents Day?”

  1. We absolutely should! We pay for their food, shelter, vet bills, and deal with them waking us up in the middle of the night. Just like parents of humans. Why then are they not considered dependents on taxes?

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  2. My husband and I always celebrate mother and Father’s Day even though we are only fur parents…unfortunately people always tell me my babies aren’t actual kids


  3. Same here! I blocked some people on Facebook for talking shit about people with fur kids celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. That’s our definition of kids and we don’t want human kids, so just live and let live.

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  4. I mean I get that kids are a lot of responsibility, I cannot leave a kid at home while I am at work like I can my dog, but Rachel is everything to me.

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