Dog Mom Life: I Have Two Males Fighting Over Me Constantly

Being a dog mom has been quite the learning experience. Before I got married and adopted our dogs, I hadn’t had a pet since I lived with my parents (a long time ago in a state far far away). I always loved dogs and wanted to adopt one when I was single, but I worked a lot and didn’t have time to properly care for another living creature by myself, so I waited until I had someone to share the responsibility with.

One of the things I didn’t anticipate when we adopted two young male dogs is that they would constantly fight over my attention. I guess it stands to reason since I’m the only female in the household. It’s pretty funny sometimes; as soon as I sit down after ending my workday, they race each other to see who can get to my lap the fastest, then try to knock each other off. Other times it’s not so funny when they jump all over me and inadvertently leave massive bruises. Sometimes it’s irritating when I just want to be left alone for two seconds, but overall it’s endearing that they both adore me so much, and the feeling is mutual.

The funniest part of it is that neither of them can “win” me, they have to share me with not only each other but my husband too. Much like toddlers, they do NOT like sharing.

We are planning on adopting fur kid #3 after we get a house, and I’ve already decided that #3 has to be a girl. There’s already too much testosterone in this household.

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