My Green Smoothie Habit Makes Me Look Like A Health Nut But It’s Really A Lazy Girl Life Hack

I never thought I’d be the type to blend up green smoothies full of spinach and kale, but I got a Ninja blender as a wedding gift last year and decided to try it. I discovered that replacing a meal a day with a smoothie was actually a great way to lose a few pounds without resorting to eating only salads full of sadness with a side of boredom, so I made it a regular thing. These days, however, my smoothies have doubled as a time-saving lazy girl life hack.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a breakfast lover. Don’t get me wrong, I love breakfast food…just not in the morning because I absolutely fucking hate mornings. I hate everyone and everything in the morning, especially people who wake me up (just ask my husband). I’ll gladly throw down in the kitchen making some eggs, sausages, and pancakes for dinner (brinner anyone?), but don’t expect any of that before noon.

One of my contract jobs does necessitate getting my ass up before noon so I can handle administrative work for a local research company, and I never feel like eating in the morning but my stomach tells me I have to give it something. Rather than forcing myself to prepare and eat solid food when I don’t want to, I say STOP! Smoothie time!

It takes me literally about 30 seconds to throw some frozen fruit, greens and water into a Ninja cup and blend it. Breakfast is done! It fills me up enough to function with nearly zero effort. This is one of my best lazy girl life hacks yet.

In case you’re interested, here’s my “recipe.” I don’t measure anything so I’m not sure it really counts as a recipe, but it’s pretty delicious. I buy the giant bag of frozen mixed fruit from Target (pineapple, strawberries, mangoes and peaches) and the big tub of power greens (also from Target). Both of them together cost about $14 and make enough smoothies to last a couple weeks.

I use one of my individual-size Ninja blender cups, fill it up about halfway with frozen fruit, then add greens up to the fill line and about a half a cup of water, then put the blender lid on and blend it until it’s smooth, about 20-30 seconds. Voila! It’s pretty similar to the Island Green from Tropical Smoothie Cafe except it doesn’t cost $6 or make me look like a hipster. As an added bonus, smoothie time is the one time I can make and eat something without my dogs begging for a bite.

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